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Sam-Rena’s Home Care Services understand how important it is to find the right care that fits your unique lifestyle and goals.

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Our experienced team of professionals go above and beyond to offer unparalleled support for those living with disabilities – so you can live life on your own terms! Together, let’s unlock greater independence, brighten the days ahead, and make sure you have access to only the highest quality assistance available.

At Sam-Rena’s Home Care Services, we recognize that each person needs to stay in touch with their loved ones and the community. We prioritize making it possible for participants to maintain access to the community and freely communicate with their relatives about their daily lives. We are set up so that we can easily assist participants in maintaining their preferred meaningful, active, and satisfying lifestyles.

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In-Home Support

Help with daily activities of living; bathing, showering, personal hygiene and grooming including your meal preparation and cooking

Accommodation/ Shared Living

The team at Sam-Rena’s Home care Services can help manage your daily tasks of activities of living with your SIL funding through our Respite or Overnight Care

Support Coordination

The team at Sam-Rena’s Home Care Services can help review, budget and guide you to implement in maximising all of your NDIS funding to achieve your special needs and personal goals

Social, Community & Recreational Participation

Participants are encouraged to maintain an on-going support through indoor/outdoor activities and social interactions with family members or with other participants and service providers of your choice

Specialised and Mobility Transportation

The team at Sam-Rena’s Home Care Services can organise all your transportation services for all your Hospital and/or your Allied Health Care services and appointments

High Intensity Care

The team at Sam-Rena’s Home Care Services can help with all your complex high intensity care from our Registered Nurses and Disability Support Workers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a service that provides assistance so that people can live as independently as possible. Many people have disabilities that have a variety of effects on their daily life. Whether you live alone or with others, SIL tries to provide support and direction.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) provides assistance to people with disabilities that interfere with their daily activities. The program encourages self-reliance while providing essential assistance with daily errands like shopping and personal care. SIL also seeks to provide individuals with the opportunity to make new acquaintances and live more independently.

For people who might require specialized housing solutions, there is a program called Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). This usually applies to cases with severe functional impairment and substantial support requirements. Their support strives to pay for any expenses over and above typical housing costs. Only a small percentage of individuals who match the special requirements of having extremely high assistance needs are eligible for SDA.

Both Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Individualized Living Options (ILO) aim to encourage independent living at home. Participants who don’t need round-the-clock care typically prefer ILO since it provides more freedom and a wider range of living options.

Similar support is provided by SIL, but the people who commonly receive it have higher support needs and a need for round-the-clock care.

The services offered by Support Independent Living include a wide range of characteristics. In essence, SIL encourages independence while giving enrolling participants crucial support. The assistance provided includes help with everyday chores including cooking, cleaning, getting dressed, shopping, and personal care.

This service is provided to people who need a greater level of help and is normally available seven days a week plus overnight. This assistance may be crucial for encouraging independence and assisting participants in making the most of their lives.

You must first have an active NDIS plan with funds designated for Supported Independent Living (SIL) or Disability Support for Older Australians Program (DSOA) money in order to be eligible for SIL.

The requirements for SIL financing have been established based on “reasonable and required services.” You must show that you or the person you are advocating cannot survive without 24-hour assistance in order to be eligible. An Allied Health expert will complete a Functional Assessment Report (FAR) to ascertain this. Additionally, you need to submit a support coordinator’s report on Identifying Housing Solutions.

SIL also takes into account any unofficial aid offered by relatives, caregivers, or the community.