Quality and Complaints Management

Sam-Rena’s is devoted to helping participants, participants’ representatives, and employees handle praises and concerns in a prompt and efficient manner with our Quality and Complaints Management Policy.

Our top objective is to make it possible for participants, their families and representatives, visitors, staff, and volunteers to express their opinions, compliments, or complaints regarding any area of our service, the care we offer, or the way our centres are run.

Managing compliments and complaints

The centre receives compliments, which help us identify our strengths. The service considers complaints submitted as a chance to improve. We consider all comments seriously. We make every attempt to comprehend problems or concerns and address complaints when they occur within the centre.

The goal of rapidly handling complaints is to give a formal answer as soon as is practical. We understand that difficult problems could require more time to solve. While we investigate your complaint, we will stay in constant contact with you. The participant and their representative are actively involved in finding a solution when suitable. Once a solution has been found, we will speak with you to ensure that you are happy with the way your complaint was handled.

If the individual making the complaint is dissatisfied with the resolution, they may request an internal review of our judgment. We can also help you find outside dispute resolution processes.

Our approach

  • At the time of admission, all patients are educated about the procedure for submitting a praise or complaint by themselves, their family members, or representatives.
  • Our service promotes the handling of compliments and complaints. At the centre reception area, copies of the policies, processes, and pertinent forms are available.
  • Our service’s dedication to providing a friendly atmosphere for compliments and complaints is outlined in our Comments, Suggestions, and Complaints Form (Feedback Form).
  • Staff and volunteers are accessible to help care users, their family, and representatives in offering feedback to the service since they are aware of our Compliments and Complaint Handling Policy.
  • In order to give simple and accessible options for providing feedback on the services and care delivered, copies of our compliments and complaint form are readily available in public areas of our centres.

Compliments and complaints can be lodged:

  • Simply sending a letter or filling out a Comments, Suggestion and Complaints Form in writing to management.
  • By calling the facility manager or administration officer on the phone.
  • Personally, verbally to the home supervisor, or by asking a staff member for help.

Please get in touch with us if you are dissatisfied with how the issue has been handled or if it is of a serious nature.

Contact NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission at 1800 035 544 if you are dissatisfied with how we handle complaints (free call from landlines). You can submit a contact form for complaints on the NDIS Commission’s website. The National Relay Service and the number 1800 035 544 can also be used to contact the Commission. Call the Translating and Interpreting Service at (131) 450 if you think you might need these services.

We strongly advise that you file your complaint in writing. This will make it easier to comprehend the complaint’s nature and guarantee that the information provided is accurate.

The manager or team leader should be notified of the complaint so that it can be recorded on the Comments, Suggestions, and Complaints Register.

The ability to request an internal review of decisions we’ve made in regard to a complaint is guaranteed.

The right to file a complaint with and receive support from an outside agency is available to complainants.

Any complainant who is dissatisfied with the handling of their complaint within the centre is given the option for internal reconsideration of decisions and external complaint resolution.

To make it easier for the centre to manage feedback, anyone who offers a verbal compliment or complaint should be invited to fill out a Comments, Suggestions, and Complaints Form. As an alternative, employees will use the Form to document verbal comments to help the centre track progress and support ongoing development efforts.

Staff members should document any small complaints or issues that were handled at the point of service on the Comments, Suggestions and Complaints Form.

Any employee is open to receiving compliments, hearing concerns, or receiving complaints. When a staff member lacks the authority to manage or resolve complaints on behalf of the centre, that staff member will be able to refer the issue to another member of staff, represent the complainant’s interests, and help them fill out forms.

Every complaint that comes into our center is acknowledged, added to the Comments, Suggestions and Complaints Register, and then investigated as needed. Once the complaint has been closed, the complainant receives feedback on how it was handled and resolved. The care recipient will also be informed in cases where the complainant is not the recipient of the service.

Every grievance provides us with a chance to enhance the quality of our services.

Every complaint is private and confidential.


All complaint-related information is kept private among the staff members involved in its settlement.

Only staff members handling the complaint have access to the complaint documentation, which is held in a secure, secured location.

As part of ongoing improvement efforts within the centre, information regarding compliments and complaints may be sent to the management team.

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