Privacy and Dignity

To give each participant—or their designated representative—the ability to take part in decisions on the services they receive, to exercise lifestyle choice and control, and to do so without violating the rights of others.


Sam-Rena values the dignity and privacy of every client to whom we offer our services. We think that everyone has a right to privacy and dignity, and that their choices and way of life should be respected and supported as much as possible. Our plans to carry out this activity are outlined in this policy.

The purpose of the policy is to make sure that:

  • The rights to privacy and dignity of the participants are well-known to our team members.
  • Our participants and/or their representatives affirm that they are pleased with the respect shown to and accommodations made for their privacy and dignity.
  • Participants have control over their surroundings, and their needs are fulfilled.


This policy is applicable to all volunteers, contractors, participants, and public visitors. The right to privacy and dignity of each individual is acknowledged and maintained.


The participants receive assistance to reach their highest level of independence, retain friendships, engage as much as possible or wanted with their family and friends at their own speed and time, and participate in community life both inside and outside of their homes. By actively participating in the planning process, participants are encouraged to take charge of who or what services they choose to engage with.

The participants’ rights to dignity and privacy will be respected by Sam – Rena, thanks to the efforts of our personnel. We’ll adhere to these straightforward yet crucial rules to accomplish this.

Choice of Clothing

Sam-Rena’s is aware that, regardless of the situation, people feel good when they are at ease in their clothing. People are generally quite aware of the clothing trends that best suit their individual preferences and personalities. Participants’ right to freedom of choice will not be violated by Sam – Rena because doing so would be disrespectful to their dignity.

If the participant indicates a need for assistance with getting dressed and approves of it, assistance will be given. This includes the actual action of selecting their attire.

Decision Making

A person’s dignity is damaged when we deny them the right to choose what they want and impose what we think they should want. They become disengaged and undervalued as a result. It is dehumanizing because they have no control over the circumstance.

A person’s dignity is damaged when we deny them the right to choose what they want and impose what we think they should want. They become disengaged and undervalued as a result. It is dehumanizing because they have no control over the circumstance.

People value being included because it makes them feel as though their views and preferences are valued. The team  will make efforts to include participants in any and all talks that have an impact on their care, such as those about medication management, the environment, food, lifestyle activities, and more.

Freedom of Expression

Sam-Rena’s management, employees, volunteers, and contractors must establish and uphold an atmosphere that encourages people to express themselves and make choices without restraint, fear, or discrimination. Every person has the right to be themselves, do what they want to do, and be with whomever they choose, according to Sam-Rena’s. Our programs are developed in collaboration with the participants, and we urge them to take responsibility for their daily lives.

Addressing the Individual

Although it may appear little, a person’s name has a significant role in defining who they are. Even if it would seem like a kind way to address someone, Sam – Rena will not assume what title or name would be appropriate or would be liked by the person. The identity and dignity of the person would be violated by this. The personnel will always inquire about the preferred method of address.

Presentation of Food

At Sam-Rena, we think that meals are a high point of the day and that everyone enjoys a delicious dinner and some snacks. The serving staff is responsible for making sure that meals are provided in a polite, tasty, and appealing way. The planning of the meals will involve the participants. Participants make all and only their own menu selections. When developing meal plans, the staff will include the participants so they may provide suggestions and share their favorite meals. We make certain that the food prepared by our employees is of the highest caliber and is always fresh. Staff will ensure that the food is served nicely.

Personal Belongings

It is crucial to respect participants’ right to privacy in their homes. We will acknowledge and respect their right to privacy. Staff will only enter a participant’s room with their permission. Before entering the room, staff will knock and wait for a response. The home will be recognized as someone’s home by all guests, and Sam – Rena will make sure that boundaries are upheld. Friends and family of employees are not allowed outside the home’s reception area unless they have been invited or have received the participants’ express permission.

Staff members are forbidden from moving or searching through participants’ personal things without consent. The participant must give permission for staff to relocate their belongings while they clean. Simply asking someone for permission makes them feel valued, increases their willingness to provide it, and fosters trust. Before departing the room or area after finishing, staff will make sure to return everything to its original location.


Staff members must act diplomatically when helping a person with bathing, dressing, or undressing. Realizing that when they take their clothes off, they will feel incredibly self-conscious and self-aware.

Before engaging in any bodily activities, such as assisting with personal care, grooming, healing wounds, or giving medication, staff members must obtain permission. Staff members will converse with customers and explain what they are doing while they are doing it to make the environment more pleasant.

Promoting Social Activities

A person who lives in a shared home may feel cut off from the outer world. This can be quite confining and detrimental to one’s identity and dignity, especially for people who have an extroverted disposition. Their quality of life is improved by having a social life since it gives them meaning and satisfaction. Sam – Rena is dedicated to providing opportunity for those under our care to partake in social activities, whether those activities take place on-site or off. Good examples include spending time with family, going out to dinner with friends, or joining neighbourhood organizations. When someone expresses a wish to follow their hobbies, Sam – Rena will make every effort to make that happen.

Pain Management

People who are in pain may find it difficult to appreciate life. We employ registered nurses as part of our person-centred care strategy because they are adept at spotting indicators of pain without being instructed. Examples include restlessness, social isolation, and avoidance. Since patterns and behavioural changes will be more obvious if the patient is consistently seen by the same caregiver, detecting pain will be easier. Any changes in the person’s behaviour or responses should be reported by our staff because they could be symptoms of pain. Additionally, by doing this, personnel can get to know the individual better and increase their willingness to hear about any suffering.

Having a Friendly Chat

Staff members are urged to give participants meaningful social time. If they want to take the initiative, let them. Genuinely engage with them, pay attention to what they have to say, and interact with them.

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