Community Access and Choice as well as Decision Making Policy

Your rights

  • Decide for yourself and take part in decisions that affect you.
  • Be free from any form of discrimination, harassment, or abuse, and treated with respect.
  • Being heard
  • Get a high-quality service that satisfies your demands and is delivered in a way that complies with any applicable professional or industry standards.
  • Participate completely in creating your own action plans and goals.
  • Get detailed information about the variety of service alternatives that are available and how to use them.
  • Any complaint should be heard and handled fairly.
  • Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.
  • A translator, if you require one.

When purchasing goods or services, you have rights under the Australian Consumer Law. They consist of:

  • The right to fair treatment.
  • The right to accurate information before making a purchase.
  • The right to stop using a poor service.
  • the right to a replacement, repair, or refund in the event that something goes wrong.

Your consumer rights cover:

  • Generic goods (e.g. groceries, clothes and household items).
  • items relating to disabilities (e.g. an assistive hearing device or mobility aid such as a walker, wheelchair, motorised scooter or lift chair).
  • Services (e.g. housing, cleaning, cooking, personal care, gardening services or case management supports) (e.g. accommodation, cleaning, cooking, personal care, gardening services or case management supports).

We are dedicated to your representatives:

A person or people of your choosing may represent you as a participant receiving care and services. This includes defending and protecting the rights as a person with a disability with the help of relatives, friends, caregivers, and advocates. This takes into account the family’s and representatives’ desire and right to be heard, to have their needs, suggestions, and contributions in your interest acknowledged, and to have those contributions carried out only with your permission. People who are acting in your best interests will be treated with the same decency and respect that you would expect of yourself.

As a participant receiving care and services from Sam-Rena’s, you have the right to obtain legal counsel and other services you may desire to obtain, or to have staff assist you in doing so.

Community Access

Each participant is free and entitled to access whatever portions of the community they choose. The participant has complete control over their way of life and daily activities. Sam-Rena’s will not impose restrictions or limitations on the participant’s freedom of movement or their choice of activities. Sam-Rena’s will try to make it easier for the participant to reach their goals.

Your responsibilities

You have a unique set of duties as a Sam-Rena participant. These obligations consist of:

  • Ask us questions or give us information so we can better serve you. Let us know what you need.
  • Not in any way discriminate against the employees or other participants.
  • Show respect to everyone, including the staff and other participants.
  • Be mindful of the secrecy and privacy of staff members and other participants.
  • Participate actively in the creation of your action plan and then carry it through.
  • Accept accountability for the outcomes of your own choices and actions.
  • Keep appointments or provide adequate notice if you are unable to attend.
  • Make any agreed-upon payments for fees or levies.

Your personal information

All of our participants have a right to privacy and confidentiality. As a result, we will advise you when private or sensitive information about you is being recorded, ask your permission before disclosing it to any other service, and notify you in the event that we are legally forced to waive confidentiality agreements.

Additionally, we guarantee that all of our records are stored in a private, safe location.

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